Welcome to Flawless Designs. You have come to the right place. We are  not bragging, but we are confident in saying: “We are one of the best furniture manufacturers in South Africa.”Yes, we said it and we are willing to let our work speak for us.”


About Us

Flawless Designs is of a few ingredients: Passion+Creativity+Hardwork+Love for art=Fleawless Designs.

  • Passion: We are passionate producers. If our heart does not skip a bit over it, then it is not worth us designing it.
  • Creativity: We dream in colour. We dream about furniture, we let the passion lead us to design furniture never imagined.
  • Hard work: Weare proud to mention that one of our best attributes is being able to work beyond the call of duty, beyond the limitations of ‘working hours’. 
  • Love for art: Some people may see old, unused rubbish, but we see art in everything.